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> New York City Bridges
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> Boston
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> Chicago Tribune
> Chicago
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Color Series Prints
> New York Color
> N.Y. Freedom Towers Color
> New York Color 2001/2012
> American Cities Color
Krikko Color

Krikko has teamed up with joshcodesign to create color editions of selected pieces from the Krikko Classic Collection. The Krikko Color Series has begun with the colorization of the famous New York City drawing with the addition of The Freedom Towers and Krikko’s latest work, American Cities.

The added color brings a completely different and exciting level of artistic magic to Krikko’s original pencil drawings. From the detail of every major city in the United States in American Cities, to the all the borroughs of New York City and the The Freedom Towers. Adding color delivers a new perspective on the ever expanding products from Krikko Productions.